This is a kind of art work that neither a photograph nor a video can achieve. For new generations, if they want a painting or a photograph with motion, it is quite simple! The work can be hung in galleries, but it need not run as frequently as a video. If the work includes motion, the motion will never stop; it expresses the beautiful rhythms of the city or nature and one may appreciate and enjoy it again and again. The work has hung in The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, as a permanent exhibition. It is so called “the liquid crystal painting”. Westerners describe it  as “more than a photo but less than a video." The website hopes to catch and express this beautiful vision in motion that we may have never noticed before!瞧!這是一種介於照相與錄像間的怪胎,在一個E世代人來說,要一幅會動的畫或一張畫會動照片應該不是夢想!但它不是錄影,也不是電影,而是一件掛在牆上的作 品,它不需要你時時去播放,會動的話就一直反覆動下去,其中表現的是人間短暫而美麗的律動,它讓人百看不厭,這樣的作品現在已在國外出 現,叫做液晶繪畫、乃至未來繪畫,但骨子裡應該屬於GIF動畫,西方人說它「多於攝影但少於錄影」,其中有影像、也有手繪,而且名家輩 出,並在國外各大博物館展出,值得關注!至於本站,正是要捕捉與表現這種美麗的、前所未見的動態圖像!  





Fountains & Statues in Peterhof

Tritons, Pandora

Actaeon, Mercury

Genymede,Actaeon, Discus thrower, Mercury

Samson, Naiad, Siren, Naiad

Amazon, Jupiter, Flora

Venus, Jupiter, Amazon

Cere, Florence Faun




Russian Folk Dance at Nikolaevsky Palace

"Maidan" , a Cossack song and dance group

"The Stars of St. Petersburg", a dance group

"The Stars of St. Petersburg", a dance group, dual role














Holidays in Europe

Changing the Guard in front of Greek Parliament

Greek Hip Hop

Greek island Crete‎

Greek island Mykonos

Esterhazay Palace, Australia

Hofburg palace in Vienna

Esterhazay Palace, Australia

Preewald in Luebben, Germany

Prague royal castle

View from Charles Bridge, Prague

Spa Town Karlovy Vary, Czech

Ancient city Krumlov, Czech

The blue Danube

Knight fight demo in Visegrad, Hungary













Travel in Iberia

Belém Tower in Lisbon, Portugal

The end of the world: Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Alhambra of Granada, Spain

Alhambra Generalife fountains

The Roman bridge of Córdoba, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Columbus Square, Madrid

The Statue of Cervantes and Don Quixote, Madrid

Fountain of the Six Putti by Jaume Otero in Catalunya Square, Barcelona

Bus stop in Barcelona

Gibraltar monkeys


Public arts in Barcelona

Spain Square in Seville

Gibralfaro Castle fountain in Malaga

Statue of Carlos III in Madrid

Young Girl  (sculpture by Josep Dunyach), Motherhood (by Vicenç Navarro Romero,1928)  in Catalunya Square, Barcelona

Youth (by Josep Clarà,1928) in Catalunya Square

Girl (by Josep Dunyach) in Catalunya Square

Sibeles Square Fountain in Madrid


Fountain in Central Europe

►Zwinger palace in Dresden, Germany

Bruehl Terrace in Dresden

Schloss Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany

Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Australia

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

Hundertwasser house in Vienna

Spa town Karlovyvary, Czech

Ancient city Krumlov, Czech

Royal Castle in  Prague, Czech


Flamenco dance-Carmen

Don José falls in love with Carmen

The quarrel of two lovers

The vengeance of jealous Don José


World folk dance


Greek folk dance

Flamenco Dance

Chinese drum dance

Latin America folk dance

Formosa folk dance

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