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Fountains & Statues in Peter the Great's Summer Palace


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中央至右: 人魚怪、潘杜拉/From the centre to right: Tritons, Pandora

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前排左起: 阿克鐵龍、信使神/Front Row (left to right): Actaeon, Mercury


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由左至右: 牧童詹尼梅阿克鐵龍、擲鐵餅者、信使神

Left to right: Genymede, Actaeon, Discus thrower, Mercury

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彼得夏宮正面/Front view of Peter the Great's Summer Palace

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參孫、水精1、海妖、水精2Samson, Naiad, Siren, Naiad

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萬水齊發的彼得夏宮/Peter the Great's Summer Palace, The-Great Cascade

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前排左起: 愛瑪遜、主神、花神Front Row (left to right): Amazon, Jupiter, Flora

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前排左起花神、鬥士Front Row (left to right): Flora, Fighter

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由左至右:維納斯、宙斯、愛瑪遜Left to right: Venus, Jupiter, Amazon

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前排左起穀類女神、佛羅倫斯牧神Front Row (left to right)Cere, Florence Faun

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下花園Lower Park

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The scheme of sculpture of the Great Cascade






1-Perseus, Shchedrin,

2-Pandora, F. Shubin, 潘杜拉

3- Ceres; 股類女神

4- Capitoline Faun;

5-Florence Fawn, 佛羅倫斯牧神

6-Venus Kallipygos , 維納斯

7- Belvedere Meleager,

8-Bacchus and Satire ;

9 -Amazon, 艾瑪遜

10 - Jupiter, 主神

11 Capitoline Flora; 花神

12 -Acis,

13 , Juno;

14 - Faun ,

15 - Galatea;

16 - Venus de'Medici ; 

17 - Capitoline Mercury; 信使神

18 - Capitoline Antinous ;

19 - Germanicus ,

20 -Discus thrower , 擲鐵餅者

21 - Acteon, 阿克鐵龍

22 -Ganymede, 牧童詹尼煤

23 - Tritons , 人魚怪

24- Pan and Olympus;

25 -Venus Kallipygos;

26 - Barberini Faun ,

27- Bacchus,

28 - Cupid and Psyche; 

29 - Shell Fountains;

30.31 - Borghese Fighters ; 鬥士

32.33 -Frog Unknown master early XVIII century (reconstructed Gunnius A.)

34 -Allegory of the Neva,

35 -Allegory of the Volkhov.

36-37 Sirens, 海妖

38.39 , Naiads with the Triton, 水精與人魚怪

40 Samson Tearing Open the Jaws of the Lion, 大力士參孫鬥獅子

41 Lion head * Copy-from the ancient original

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